Milwaukee Balloon Rides

The Skies of Milwaukee are waiting! Take Flight!

You have never seen Milwaukee like this! From thousands of feet above ground, you can witness some of the most amazing sites your eyes will ever see. You can literally touch the sky! Come experience this once in a lifetime adventure alone or share it with your family and friends. We offer a wide variety of packages to accommodate our valued customers for almost any occasion.

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Milwaukee Balloon Ride Christmas Gift Certificates
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Skydiving in Milwaukee

Want More ways to get an adrenaline rush in Wisconsin?
Fly among the clouds with a trained professional at Skydiving in Milwaukee! Skydiving in Milwaukee!

Milwaukee Balloon Ride Testimonials

Rhonda - August 10th, 2016
"Birthdays are tough! Last year my husband took me horseback riding for my birthday and it was perfect! I hadn't been horseback riding since I was a little girl. So, this year I wanted to give him a gift that was even better! I called Milwaukee Balloon Rides and booked a hot air balloon ride for my husband’s birthday and I kept it a secret for the whole day. He was so excited. Once we arrived, he couldn't believe it. He was a little nervous, but once we were in the air, we fell in love all over again. It was so romantic. I would definitely recommend a private balloon ride to anyone looking to knock their lovers socks off!"

Jason - July 12th, 2016
"I have always had a slight fear of heights since I was a kid. I have only been on an airplane one time and I was terrified. After my 30th birthday, I suddenly felt the urge to challenge myself and overcome my fear of heights. I called Milwaukee Balloon Rides and scheduled a ride. I was a little nervous to do it on my own, I chose to book a shared ride, so that I would be surrounded by some friendly faces during this challenge. The pilot was very helpful and professional. Once I was in the air for about 10 minutes, my fear of heights suddenly vanished. The ride was super smooth and the people were delightful. I had a wonderful time!"

For current specials on Milwaukee Balloon Ride Gift Certificates, call us at 1-877-822-7484 right now!

Soar Above Milwaukee in a Hot Air Balloon
Take a journey in a hot air balloon thousands of feet above Milwaukee!

Thank for visiting Milwaukee Balloon Rides! We take pride in satisfying all of our valued customers ballooning needs. If you are an adrenaline junkie and are in search of a new adventure, then look no further. We are a part of the American ballooning Network, which is a collaborative entity dedicated to providing fun and safe balloon rides for customers all over the country. You’ll be hard pressed to discover another ballooning company that offers the amount of options in Wisconsin that ours does. We also have a dedicated staff of professionally trained representatives that are standing by, ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you might have. Don't hesitate to pick up that phone and give Milwaukee Balloon Rides a call to schedule your flight! We are waiting to hear from you!

Take Flight Now! Call Milwaukee Balloon Rides at 1-877-822-7484 Now and Schedule a Ride!

Quiet Skies and Big Adventure Awaits!
If you’re looking to take a hot air balloon ride in Milwaukee, this is the place!

Milwaukee Balloon Rides

The perfect place for family fun is our shared balloon rides.

Fun for the whole family! Our shared balloon rides allow our customers to partake in the ballooning experience with other outgoing adventurers. Imagine seeing the Wisconsin State Capitol from 3,000 feet in the air with a group of interesting people. The purpose of shared rides is to fill the balloon basket to capacity. Our Balloon rides can fit 2-8 passengers per flight. So, if you want to come alone you can still share your experience with others. This also gives you the option to bring as many people as you would like to fill the balloon basket. So, if you have friends that crave adventure the way you do, go ahead and bring them along. They are welcome to ride! When you call to book a ride, make sure you inquire about capacity issues so that we can make sure you can enjoy the ride with others in the most fun and safest way possible.

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Need to get away? Take a Private Balloon Ride!
There is nothing more romantic that flying above Milwaukee with the one you love!

Milwaukee Balloon Rides

The sky is a very romantic place to be! Bring your significant other along for a ride!

Bring your significant other along for the ride of his/her life. Milwaukee is so beautiful from above. There are so many amazing attractions in Wisconsin. The skies are quiet and the views are absolutely gorgeous. Your significant other will appreciate that you recognize the adventurer inside of them. Our shared rides are tons of fun, but if you aren't interested in being surrounded by others, then share your ride privately with a cozy ride for two. Cruise across the horizon in Wisconsin.

When you book a private balloon ride, our pilots prepare a special basket for you and your loved one. Float high above Milwaukee, as you and your significant other enjoy the wonderful views that the city has to offer. Fly over picturesque fields, valleys and even get a bird's eye view of several of the state’s well-known attractions, like the Four Seasons Island Resort. The classic dinner and a movie date just doesn't compare to a romantic gesture like this. Private rides allow our customers to fly among the clouds for about an hour. Thats plenty of time to experience the amazing journey with your loved one.

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Pick up the phone and schedule a hot air balloon ride today! Call Milwaukee Balloon Rides at 1-877-822-7484 now!

Are you in Milwaukee to visit the lake? Or to see a Brewer's game with your friends? Do you live here and want something new and exciting to do this weekend other than hang out at Wolski's? Or are you thinking about proposing to the love of your life?

Pretty much if you are a living breathing human being....then come ballooning with us! Often times we hear from our guests that the adventure of ballooning is what brought them to our location, that they are visiting and wanted a new and interesting way to see the city or that they wanted a romantic proposal idea and decided to ask the question on one of our rides. But, for any reason, ballooning is called for in Milwaukee.

Everyone knows you can eat cheese here, just like everyone knows we are famous for our beer. But to truly experience the city, to truly have a unique time, then we recommend taking a journey with us among the clouds!

-If you are visiting: There is no better way to see the city and the gorgeous Wisconsin countryside than with an aerial tour on a hot air balloon. For 60 minutes we will cover several miles of spectacular skyline with views of the cityscape and of course Lake Michigan, dependending on the wind. You may also get to see some wild coyotes as well! Listen as our pilot tells you the story of how hot air ballooning came to be some 200 years ago in the French countryside and about the history of Milwaukee, before you come to a soft landing and celebrate your flight with a traditional champagne toast!

-If you live here:If you think you know Brew City you will be pleasantly surprised at what you can discover on our flight. From an incredible sunrise over the stunning city to the dew tipped grass of the farmlands below, no scenic drive can do these views any kind of justice.

-If this is for a special occasion: Want to ask your loved one to marry you high above the bustle of city life? What about having the most intimate and romantic setting as a backdrop to your "I do's"? Then a hot air balloon ride is your ticket to your matrimonial beginnings! Let us fly you off into the sky!

The best decision you have ever made is to come to us with planning your adventure. So give us a call and we will discuss the details of your flight!

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